BA Courses on Udemy

I am currently working on a series of courses targeted at Business Analysts that focus on the real-life skills required as part of your analyst toolkit, as opposed to the theoretical skills mentioned in various structured training currently on offer.

I have chosen to publish the courses on the Udemy platform because it allows users to learn at their own pace and the tools for instructors allows for deeply engaging courses to be created.

This page shows the courses that are live on Udemy, and the pipeline of courses that I’m working on.

Live courses

Course nameDescriptionCost
BA SQL Survival GuideThis is a crash course in SQL – no background knowledge is required. In this course you’ll learn the basics of databases, data structures, data warehouses, how applications use databases, the basic SQL commands you’ll need as a Business Analyst, and a bonus section with some advanced commands (insert, update, and delete).
You’ll learn how to create a database, connect to a local database, connect to a remote database, and work through a fictional scenario to complete a query to show how data can be used in the analysis process.
£9.99 (GBP) if you use promo code SQLSURVIVAL.

Courses under construction

Course NameDescriptionProgress
Website quick startHave you ever wanted a crash course in setting up a data driven website? This course will teach you the basics from setting up a web server using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), buying a domain, securing your domain with SSL, and building a basic data driven website using HTML, PHP, BootStrap CSS, and jQuery.50%
Data Migration MasterclassThis course is a masterclass in data migration. As the pace of technology innovation increases, so does the need of decommissioning old systems and migrating data to new ones. Based on 17 years of migration experience, this course dives into the murky details of how migrations work and what tasks you might be called upon to do as a Business Analyst30%
Excel MasterclassAs any Business Analyst worth their salt will recognise, the humble Excel spreadsheet is absolutely vital to your role as a Business Analyst. From simple data capture and data analysis to fully automated tasks using VBA Macros, possessing a mastery of Excel will help you be more efficient and effective as a Business Analyst.10%
Business Analyst – From Zero to HeroThis course is a compressive guide to the skills and techniques you’ll need as a Business Analyst working in the real world rather than the theoretical. As a Business Analyst you can (and will) be called upon to do almost any task you can imagine to get a project over the line. This course will arm you with the fundamental skills to prepare you for this reality.10%
Primer on financial organisationsIf you’re a Business Analyst seeking to or actually moving into a Financial Organisation, or moving between different types, this course will give you a useful primer on how each of them work in terms of people, processes, and systems. This will give you a head start in understanding ‘the big picture’ and where you fit in it.0%
The Agile BAAs Agile becomes more and more popular, this course is an introduction to the methodology, requirements, and tooling that you’ll be exposed to as a BA. This includes scenarios where Agile is done right, and also where it’s not and what that means for the Business Analyst.0%
Soft skills masterclassWhilst BABOK and many other structured Business Analysis training and qualifications will talk of skills such as negotiation and influencing, nowhere near enough time is set aside to actually teach them. I would argue that possessing soft skills is fundamentally more important to a Business Analyst than any formal training about analysis techniques.

Knowing how a good requirement is written is great, but if you’re unable to build a relationship with your stakeholders to get the information you need to write the requirement then you’ve got a big problem. Understanding motivations, being tenacious, tactful, knowing when to talk and when to listen are just a handful of soft skills that an effective Business Analyst must have.

If your stakeholder will answer your call even if they’re back to back in meetings, working 12 hour days, or hungover (or a combination of all three), then you’ve succeeded in building that relationship. But it’s not easy or quick, and this course is a master class in soft skills you should focus on so that they’re readily available in your toolkit.

If there is a specific course or skill you would like to be covered, please feel free to drop me an email at