Hello, my name is Dan and I’m a Business Analyst.

If this seems like a mantra from alcoholics anonymous it is absolutely intended! I have worked in Financial Services for just over 20 years. The vast majority of those have been in an analysis capacity, not necessarily because I chose that path, but more that I was drawn to it as it matches my personality in that I’m addicted to finding out how things work, asking questions until I understand, and then plot, hatch, and scheme to make them work better (thankfully that’s within the remit of a Business Analyst!).

When working as a Lead or Senior BA I’ve made sure that a culture of support is deeply rooted in the team; skill gaps are closed, your problem is our problem, and we work together to get the job done. A number of years ago I started to notice that there was a severe disconnect between the theory of what was being taught about the role of a Business Analyst (i.e. BABOK, and pick any BA qualification you like) and the reality of what it actually entails, especially for younger BA’s entering the industry.

Thus the idea for Analyst Academy was born.

I wanted to create a bunch of resources to help people learn the essential skills of being a Business Analyst that are firmly based in the reality of what you’re expected to do rather than what it says in the manual. In addition, I want to help you think about you’re thinking. You are required to think objectively and act pragmatically but not told in any great detail how to actually do it so I want to help you explore this too.

A series of in-depth courses will be available on Udemy, I will also be hosting the occasional live video conference to do Q&A’s or general discussions, and will publish as much as useful information as I can on here.

Even though I have a stack of content in mind, I am more than happy to hear from you about anything specific you might like so please feel free to email me your ideas and suggestions to dan@analyst.academy.